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  • Art Process in Action: Updated!

    For several years I have been participating in workshops called The Painting Experience. (For a more detailed description see my earlier blog: The Painting Experience,  Jan. 22, 2013).

    These workshops have dramatically affected how and why I paint.

    The focus of the workshops is to enable you to stay in the present moment and let the art work develop in a natural and uncontrolled manner. It allows you to tap into the mystery of the artistic process. As you moves through the process, the risks of stepping into unknown are ever present.

    By letting go of control and being open to whatever happens next in the painting, the process itself becomes the primary activity, the final art produced of little importance. It is often difficult to explain this Art Process in words. And even more difficult for the listener to grasp the concept.

    I decided the best solutions is to show how one painting developed by showing a series of photos. These photos show the paintings and Art Process in Action. As I painted, I stopped periodically to document the paintingʼs development at each successive stage. Later I combined the videos into a movie.

    In the beginning, there was no plan. I thought I would only paint 2 faces, but became inspired to enlarge the painting to include their bodies. The snakes, plants and insects were images that appeared to me as I painted. This was also true of how the bodies grew, the tears and blood, the black hands and the outlines. Even the choice of color was quite spontaneous.

    As an artist, I find I am now able to paint more authentically, feeling freer to express my inner emotions and ideas.

    I hope you will find this demonstration both enlightening and interesting.