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  • The Stages of an Artist: Video

    I decided to make 'Stages of an Artist' when a friend recently asked me to show how my art has developed over time.

    This video is a way to answer that question. It is a chronological view of selected paintings to illustrate how my paintings have changed and evolved from about the year 2000 to present.

    Click the double arrows under the video to enlarge to full screen.

  • My Life As An Artist

    my life as an artist

    It all probably started in kindergarten when I liked to experiment with different color combinations. Like I noticed grey and pink or red and tan looked really good together. Lots of people ask me how long I have been painting.  Sometimes I say about "10 or 12 years, as a serious artist." Sometimes I say "all my life-- on and off."

    Being an artist is hard to define. People who are good at putting on make-up are nowadays are called artists. Who am I to argue?


    But back to my personal history.


    I am starting this blog as an addition to my web site and thought it would be a good time to introduce myself officially, as an Artist, with a capital A, to my friends, collectors, other artists, viewers, galleries and anyone else who stumbles onto my web site.


    So here goes.


    After kindergarten, I have to give my parents a lot of credit for bringing out the artist in me. They noticed that I liked to draw and paint and encouraged my activities. One of my most vivid memories is when I was about 10 years old my parents took me to Greenwich Village in New York City with them. They took me to an art supply store and bought me a real artists box, with oil paints and brushes. This left an indelible memory--and message--they thought of me as an artist. It was quite a vote of confidence for a 10 year old.


    In those years I never thought of myself as an artist, in spite of lots of lessons and encouragement from my parents.


    And, I hate to admit it, but I dropped the whole endeavor for about 10 years until after college.


    When I was first married and had young children, painting became a great hobby which I enjoyed a lot. I took lessons and made many paintings, some of which I am still proud of.


    Then life took another big turn:  divorce and law school and business career took my time and energy. There were years when I did nothing at all in terms of art. There were years when I managed to fit in a class or two. And sometimes I was able to paint on my own for a few hours on a Sunday afternoon.


    I experimented with different mediums--oil, acrylic, watercolors, collage--and continued to try to keep my creative juices flowing. Art was a part time hobby at best.


    Then in 1996 I retired from the world of work. With lots of free time for the first time in many years I decided to take up painting seriously.


    I began painting a on regular schedule at my home studio. I began going to extended workshops. I joined artist groups. And began to think of myself as an Artist.


    I would like to think that over the last dozen years or so my art evolved and developed. Today painting is definitely a part of my identity--when I think of who I am as person--Artist is on that list.


    My life as an Artist today? I paint at a studio several days a week. Join discussion groups with other artist. Keep up with the gallery scene, here in Dallas at some wonderful galleries like and and Another favorite is   On my travels to Austin, Santa Fe, Los Angeles, Denver, New York and Paris its always fun to check out the local art scene.


    Sometimes I am lucky enough to have a show like the one at Or be part of a group exhibition at the Texas Visual Artists Association, . Or get accepted into a competition or magazine like  Studio City Magazine,


    I can truly say being an Artist, with a capital A, is fun and rewarding. It keeps me invigorated.


    To contact Esther Ritz to view or purchase her art, visit the contact page and get in touch.

  • Creative Arts Center in Dallas

    As a working in artist in Dallas, I find it beneficial to join arts organizations to meet other
    artists and have oportunites to show my art.



    One place that offers me those things is the Creative Arts Center of Dallas. They offer classes and workshops in many areas of the arts, from ceramics, to sculpture, to drawing and painting, and many more.


    Although my primary focus is abstract art I have taken workshops there in other areas to expose myself to other techniques and ideas.


    Being a contemporary artist, I like to experiment and learn and continue to expand my repertoire and this is a good place to this.


    Both membership and fees are very reasonable and the facilities are excellent.


    Last year one of my paintings was chosen for their membership show.


    Contact them at or visit their website at

  • Where to See Contemporary Art in Dallas

    The good news is contemporary art is everywhere in Dallas. There are abundant galleries and museums to choose from to find anything from classic art to abstract modern done by modern artists from Dallas.


    The real question is how to stay on top of the latest shows, openings, and exhibits.



    There are several ways to do this:


    One is to get on the mailing list of organizations that announce these things.


    CADD is a good source. The Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas is an organization of local galleries that specialize in contemporary art. They send out emails alerts on a regular basis, in addition to offering educational programs.


    Another resource is the Art and Seek newsletter sent out by NPR. The publicize what is happening in the art world in general.


    A local magazine, A + C always has listings of gallery exhibits and news, as does the Weekend Guide of the Dallas Morning News.


    Once you register for any of the online sites, notices will come to you automatically, so it is easy to stay current on the art scene.


    For more information on my own art for viewing or purchasing, email me at