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  • A Great Book: Art and Fear

    The hui


    Today I am going to offer a book review. The book “ART and FEAR, Observations on the Perils (and rewards) of ARTMAKING”, is a must read for all artist, no matter their medium or genre.


    The two authors, David Bayles and Ted Orland, are working artists, and the book addresses the very real problems that artists of every variety are faced with during the process of making their art.

    While the book is primarily addressed to artists, I think that anyone who is interested in the artistic process will find it fascinating.


    It’s main message is that the process of making art is a very personal relationship between the artist and her materials. It is separate and distinct from the questions of marketing and public acceptance or approval. Only as the artist immerses herself in the process and is able to ignore imagined judgments of others, is she able to create freely.


    The book is a wonderful antidote to the fears, doubts and hang-ups that most artists experience at one time or another.


    This painting was  done with this book in mind.


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