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  • Texas Jewish Arts Association Juried Show

    Two of my paintings were chosen to be exhibited in the first Texas Jewish Arts Association Juried Show. They can be seen until November 16 at the Jewish Community Center in Dallas at 7900 Northaven Road.

    This painting "Press Play" has a red dot! Sold the first hour.

    This painting of mine, Hallelujah, was also shown.

    Below is me and Veronique Jonas next to her beautiful sculpture.

  • The True Artist

    The Dallas Jewish Historical Society held an event on May 22, 2013 to highlight and present 18 local Jewish Artists. I was happy to participate, by exhibiting several of my works, and to meet the other artists.


    The evening began with an interesting talk by Nancy Cohen Israel. Nancy is well known is Dallas as an art historian, art educator and writer.


    Jewish historical society art 1


    Rather than discuss “Jewish Art”, which she felt was a different subject, she talked about the history of Jewish artists. Starting from earliest Biblical times, she explained due to both Biblical law (thou shalt have no graven images before me) and their nomadic history, Jews created mostly crafts rather large works. She made a grand sweep through history and landed in the 20th century, where she focused on 3 modern Jewish artists, Barnett Newman, Mark Rothko, and Judy Chicago.


    One of her main themes was that these artists and others were concerned with how art can make the world a better place. With the help of slides, she illustrated her points forcefully. The photos of the Rothko chapelʼs spiritual environment was an excellent example.


    As the viewer experiences the art work, hopefully they can experience a sense of the spirituality of the work and its universal message.


    Jewish historical society art Dallas 2


    After the talk, the audience spent the rest of the evening viewing the art. I showed 12 acrylic works on paper. People seemed to respond positively to the explosion of color in my abstractions. I found this interesting, in view of the speakerʼs remarks about the importance of the viewers experience. There did seem to be a universal reaction to the strong colors and compositions.


    I enjoyed seeing the other artistʼs work, as well. Morton Rachofsky presented a very interesting geometric sculpture, a style for which he is well known.


    George Tobolowsky showed two large metal menorahs, made from found objects, which were impressive.


    Robin Sachs had a wonderful collection of her photographs, which showed her rare abilities and talents.


    The program highlighted the quote “The true artist helps the world by revealing the mystic truth”.


    Perhaps the crowd got a glimpse last evening of some true artists.