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  • Videos and Figurative Art

    Videos and Figurative Art

    Every Kinda People

    Acrylic on Paper 

    Over the past couple of years I have been painting figurative images and making videos of their process and development. Often people ask me about how a piece of art came to be. The videos which are now on this website, are an attempt to answer that question. I thought that by seeing the art grow and develop along with my narration of my inner thoughts, the viewer could better understand how and why a painting was born.

  • Art Competitions for Artists


    During the last several years I have entered numerous art competitions. This is a great way for artists to get recognition and credibility. In general these art competitions are sponsored by local art organizations, galleries or museums. Sometimes they are sponsored by universities or schools.


    Often they invite jurors to review and select the winners.


    It is generally the case that the art competition is directed at a certain type of art or medium, such as sculpture, painting, drawing or even video. There is always a prospectus which outlines the criteria. In addition there is usually a small fee to enter the contest.


    If you are selected, then you must be responsible for taking or shipping your art to and from the venue of the show.


    In the past, I have been selected twice to have my art in the Studio City magazine, through  juried art competition.


    My art has also been selected numerous times to show in the juried Citation Show of the Texas Visual Arts Association.


    A good place to find listings of juried competitions is: CaFE™ Management ;  another is or





    It's not easy being RED 48x48

  • Creative Arts Center in Dallas

    As a working in artist in Dallas, I find it beneficial to join arts organizations to meet other
    artists and have oportunites to show my art.



    One place that offers me those things is the Creative Arts Center of Dallas. They offer classes and workshops in many areas of the arts, from ceramics, to sculpture, to drawing and painting, and many more.


    Although my primary focus is abstract art I have taken workshops there in other areas to expose myself to other techniques and ideas.


    Being a contemporary artist, I like to experiment and learn and continue to expand my repertoire and this is a good place to this.


    Both membership and fees are very reasonable and the facilities are excellent.


    Last year one of my paintings was chosen for their membership show.


    Contact them at or visit their website at

  • Where to Find Inspiration As An Artist

    I am often asked where I find inspiration for my art work. Surprisingly, the answer is often from other art.


    By frequently going to galleries and museums I am inspired by the creativity I see. I experience the energy and flow in the art works and that in turn enables me to tap into my own creativity.



    A few artists and their work come to mind as good examples.


    One is Elliot Hundley, a contemporary artist. His works were shown last year at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas. His use of materials was an inspiration for me.  Although my work is usually abstract, I liked his use of many different materials, layered over paint, to create unusual effects.


    Another artist who inspired me is a contemporary abstract artist from France, Tiebaut de Rempre. Although his palette is more subdued, I like his freedom of expression, his use of line, and his strong energy.


    A very famous contemporary abstract artist, William de Kooning (first painting above), is known for his strong energetic use of paint and broad brush strokes. This too inspired me.


    Inspiration can come from unexpected places and art, so I keep looking.





  • Where to See Contemporary Art in Dallas

    The good news is contemporary art is everywhere in Dallas. There are abundant galleries and museums to choose from to find anything from classic art to abstract modern done by modern artists from Dallas.


    The real question is how to stay on top of the latest shows, openings, and exhibits.



    There are several ways to do this:


    One is to get on the mailing list of organizations that announce these things.


    CADD is a good source. The Contemporary Art Dealers of Dallas is an organization of local galleries that specialize in contemporary art. They send out emails alerts on a regular basis, in addition to offering educational programs.


    Another resource is the Art and Seek newsletter sent out by NPR. The publicize what is happening in the art world in general.


    A local magazine, A + C always has listings of gallery exhibits and news, as does the Weekend Guide of the Dallas Morning News.


    Once you register for any of the online sites, notices will come to you automatically, so it is easy to stay current on the art scene.


    For more information on my own art for viewing or purchasing, email me at

  • Fort Worth Community Art Center

    IMG_1537 IMG_1533 IMG_1535


    Recently, I was privileged to be part  of the first exhibition of the Texas Jewish Art Association. This is a newly formed group and this exhibition showed the range, depth and quality by this group of artists. The Fort Worth Community Art Center is in the heart of the cultural district in Ft. Worth, situated among its famous museums, including the Amon Carter, the Kimball and Modern Museums. I exhibited the above 2 paintings in the show. It was an honor to participate and recommend a visit to Ft. Worth to see this exciting show.