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  • Prize Winner

    The painting “Opposites Attract” was recently awarded an Honorable Mention Prize at a Dallas exhibit, sponsored by the Texas Visual Artists Association. There were 56 entries, so the prize is a wonderful honor.

    The show’s theme, In the Eye of the Beholder” focused on the question of what is beauty. I entered this painting because I felt it addressed that very question, what do people find attractive or beautiful.

    Many people have trouble understanding modern abstract art and question if it beautiful. The Eye of the Beholder featured many styles and types of art, suggesting that the viewer, or beholder, holds the key. How to they react and appreciate what they are seeing or eyeing.

    Though the piece, Opposites Attract, is rather small, only 18″x18″, I feel it has a power that resonates beyond it size.Opposites Attract_LR