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    play by ear by esther ritz Play by Ear[/caption]

    My painting, Play by Ear, recently won a ribbon for Best in Show at the Texas Visual Artists Association show: "Collage, Printmaking, and Assemblage". It was quite a thrill and surprise, as I felt there were many talented artists and excellent works that were entered. Thank you to the judges and organizes for this wonderful recognition.

    When I created this art work about a year ago, I was concerned with the idea of play and freedom. I felt art should be fun, like a child has other words play... and that by allowing myself to play and have fun, I would be more free to express myself without restraints. It was a way to circumvent both the internal critic and my ideas about external expectations from others.

    I do think this piece has a very playful and fun feeling to it. Hope you enjoy it too.Img4610