• The Role of the Artist

    "The function of art is to give us an existential experience. In his music, painting, sculpture, and poetry we feel, we experience, and we respond. It is not an intellectual exercise. The highest moment of our lives, those of love and tragedy, are matters of the heart, of feeling. They are experiential. The pity of much modern life is that we do not know how to experience either love or tragedy. We are alienated from each other, and from our real selves. " 

    This is a quote from Rabbi Levi Olan in 1968 in a radio address he gave.

    I found it both inspiring and immensely insightful. 

    I painted this image at a time I was experiences great sorrow and anxiety, and Olan's quote reminded me of it.

  • Texas Jewish Arts Association Juried Show

    Two of my paintings were chosen to be exhibited in the first Texas Jewish Arts Association Juried Show. They can be seen until November 16 at the Jewish Community Center in Dallas at 7900 Northaven Road.

    This painting "Press Play" has a red dot! Sold the first hour.

    This painting of mine, Hallelujah, was also shown.

    Below is me and Veronique Jonas next to her beautiful sculpture.

  • The Stages of an Artist: Video

    I decided to make 'Stages of an Artist' when a friend recently asked me to show how my art has developed over time.

    This video is a way to answer that question. It is a chronological view of selected paintings to illustrate how my paintings have changed and evolved from about the year 2000 to present.

    Click the double arrows under the video to enlarge to full screen.

  • Art In The Garage

    Art In The Garage

    I recently sold two paintings to a client to be hung in what they call The Garage. In fact, it is unlike any garage you have ever seen. It houses a fabulous car collection, is designed with the latest modern amenities, and is full of modern abstract art.

    My painting "Beach Memories" is part of the collection.

  • MODARTISTS Gallery Opening

    MODARTISTS Gallery Opening

    Modartists Gallery had its grand opening last Saturday night, September 20. I was proud to have four paintings showcased in the exhibit. 

    The diptich shown in the photo above is titled Hallelujah.

    Take time to stop by to see the show. It will be up through October.

    The gallery is located at 2514 Converse Street, near the design district in Dallas.

  • Art Process in Action: Updated!

    For several years I have been participating in workshops called The Painting Experience. (For a more detailed description see my earlier blog: The Painting Experience,  Jan. 22, 2013).

    These workshops have dramatically affected how and why I paint.

    The focus of the workshops is to enable you to stay in the present moment and let the art work develop in a natural and uncontrolled manner. It allows you to tap into the mystery of the artistic process. As you moves through the process, the risks of stepping into unknown are ever present.

    By letting go of control and being open to whatever happens next in the painting, the process itself becomes the primary activity, the final art produced of little importance. It is often difficult to explain this Art Process in words. And even more difficult for the listener to grasp the concept.

    I decided the best solutions is to show how one painting developed by showing a series of photos. These photos show the paintings and Art Process in Action. As I painted, I stopped periodically to document the paintingʼs development at each successive stage. Later I combined the videos into a movie.

    In the beginning, there was no plan. I thought I would only paint 2 faces, but became inspired to enlarge the painting to include their bodies. The snakes, plants and insects were images that appeared to me as I painted. This was also true of how the bodies grew, the tears and blood, the black hands and the outlines. Even the choice of color was quite spontaneous.

    As an artist, I find I am now able to paint more authentically, feeling freer to express my inner emotions and ideas.

    I hope you will find this demonstration both enlightening and interesting.

  • Videos and Figurative Art

    Videos and Figurative Art

    Every Kinda People

    Acrylic on Paper 

    Over the past couple of years I have been painting figurative images and making videos of their process and development. Often people ask me about how a piece of art came to be. The videos which are now on this website, are an attempt to answer that question. I thought that by seeing the art grow and develop along with my narration of my inner thoughts, the viewer could better understand how and why a painting was born.

  • Fort Worth Community Art Center

    IMG_1537 IMG_1533 IMG_1535


    Recently, I was privileged to be part  of the first exhibition of the Texas Jewish Art Association. This is a newly formed group and this exhibition showed the range, depth and quality by this group of artists. The Fort Worth Community Art Center is in the heart of the cultural district in Ft. Worth, situated among its famous museums, including the Amon Carter, the Kimball and Modern Museums. I exhibited the above 2 paintings in the show. It was an honor to participate and recommend a visit to Ft. Worth to see this exciting show.

  • Esther Ritz Exhibits at Covens Contemporary Gallery


    Double Dip by Esther Ritz Double Dip by Esther Ritz[/caption]

    Murray Covens Contemporary is presenting Esther Ritz's art in a solo exhibition, "Seriously Playful", with the  opening reception from 7 to 10 pm, Feb. 8, 2014.

    The exhibition will feature a selection of her abstract expressionist paintings. This body of work exemplifies the strength and breadth of her art in which bold color, line and collage all play a part. The freedom of imagination, the flow of the paint, the power of the unconscious all come together in a process that can astonish and surprise.

    The show will run from Feb. 3, 2014 through March 14, 2014.

    Murray Covens Contemporary is conveniently located in the Dallas Design district at 154 Glass Street, Dallas, Tx. 75207.

    For information Katie Covens, gallery director, can be contacted at 469 726 2423, or Esther Ritz at

    You and your friends are cordially invited to this art show. Hope to see you there!