Esther Ritz, born New York City, has been working as an abstract painter and contemporary artist in Dallas and Santa Fe for the last eighteen years. She is represented at the Meyerovich Gallery in San Francisco. Her paintings were recently featured in the Huffington Post, including an extensive interview. She is a lifelong painter who began experimenting with color at an early age. Esther vividly remembers her parents taking her, as a child, to Greenwich Village in New York City. They went to an art supply store to purchase a real artist's box, with oil paints and brushes. The acquisition of authentic art supplies solidified a vote of confidence in her artistic talent. Esther has studied at intensive workshops with French and American master painters. In 2010 her work was juried and selected to be in the national magazine, Studio Visit. Esther was recently awarded Best in Show by the Texas Visual Artists Association in 2013. Esther allows her energy to flow freely onto the canvas in the form of paint. She is inspired by the rhythm of upbeat music, from musicians such as Buddy Holly, Al Green, Elton John, and Aretha Franklin. Her paintings are guided by a compelling sense of color and a strong instinct for pattern and texture. Her uninhibited exploration of collage is mesmerizing. Esther harnesses her imagination without restraint.  The power of her unconscious results in a creative process that is quite astonishing. "I like to let the freedom, play, emotion, and energy of the moment take over and guide each work of art. This demands I pay attention, stay in the moment, and enter into a new relationship. Each painting becomes an absorbing mystery, with its unique possibilities, expectations, frustrations, and surprises."

I hope my paintings touch the viewer deeply, so they too can feel their own mysterious power within.






Eisemann Center “Resolution:  Peace and Unity” Juried Exhibition Dallas, Tx 2020

Meyerovich Gallery, San Francisco, Ca. 2018

Museum of Biblical Arts, Dallas, Texas, 8x8 show

Imagination Runs Wild, Solo Show, One River School, Frisco, Tx, 2018

The Dot: Contemplating Universal Mysteries, Solo show, Dallas Institute of Humanities, 2017

Take a Closer Look, Northaven Garden Gallery, Juried Show, winner 2 prizes, Dallas, Texas 2017

ART and Light, Lights Fantastic Pro gallery, Solo Show, Lewisville, Texas 2017

PAA Show, Global Reflections, Plano, Texas 2017

TVAA Juried Show, Dallas, Texas, 2017

Texas Artist Coalition, Juried Show, Ft Worth Community Art Center, 2017

TVAA Group Show, Dallas, Texas, 2016

TJAA Juried Show, Dallas, Texas, 2016

ART 7 Gallery, Fort Worth, Texas 2016

TVAA Members Show, Dallas, Texas 2016

MOD Artist Gallery, Group Show Dallas, Texas, 2015

Fort Worth Community Art Center, TJAA Juried Show, 2015

TJAA Members Showcase, Dallas, Texas, 2015

TVAA juried Citation Show, Dallas, Texas, 2015

MOD Artist Gallery, Solo Show, Dallas, Texas, 2014, 2015

Texas Jewish Arts Association, Juried Group Show, 2014

MOD Artists Gallery, Group Show, Dallas, Texas, 2014

TVAA: Driven to Abstraction, Group Show, Dallas, Texas, 2014


Fort Worth Community Art Center, Texas Jewish Artist Association  group show, 2014


Ilume Gallery, Modern Artists Group Show, Dallas, Texas, 2014


Murray Covens Contemporary Gallery, Solo Show, Dallas, Texas, 2014


TVAA: Collage, Printmaking, and Assemblage, Group show, Dallas 2013, Best in Show


Plano Art Association: “Change”, Group Show, Plano, Tx 2013


TVAA : In the Eye of the Beholder, Group Show, Dallas 2013, Honorable Mention 


Dallas Jewish Historical Society Art Fest, 2013


Trinity Grove Art Fest, Dallas, 2013


Arthouse at the Jones Center, 5×7 Show, Austin, Houston, Dallas 2013


TVAA Juried Citation 2012 Show, Pfamily Arts of Plano Gallery, 2012


TVAA Print Making, Collage and Assemblage, Downtown Gallery, 2012


Arthouse at the Jones Center, 5×7 Show, Austin, Houston, Dallas 2012


Haley-Henman Gallery Group Show, Dallas, TX 2012


Arthouse at the Jones Center, 5×7 Show, Austin, Houston, Dallas 2011


“Connections,” site-specific installation, Dallas, TX 2011


Creative Arts Center Juried Membership Show  Dallas, TX 2011


“Favorites and Previews,” Group Show, Haley Henman Gallery Dallas, TX 2011


TVAA Gallery “From Blues to Hip Hop,” Dallas, TX 2011


The ArtsGallery, “Self Portrait Show” Collin College, Plano, TX 2011


Fort Worth Community Arts Center – Juried Show, “Sustaining Artists and their Environment” Fort Worth, TX 2011


TVAA Day of the Dead Juried Show, Dallas, TX 2010


TVAA Citation Juried National Show, Plano, TX 2010


Haley-Henman Gallery Solo Show, Dallas, TX 2010


McKinney Avenue Contemporary (MAC) Members Show, Dallas, TX 2010


The Chambers Solo Show, Dallas, TX  2010


Arthouse at the Jones Center, 5×7 Show, Austin, Houston, Dallas, TX 2010


TVAA Non-Objective Group Show, Dallas, TX 2010


500 X Gallery Group Show  Dallas, TX  2009


TVAA Citation Juried National Show, Plano, TX 2009


TVAA Non-Objective Group Show, Dallas, TX  2009


Haley Henman Gallery, Group Show, Dallas, TX 2009


Arthouse at the Jones Center, 5×7 Show, Austin 2009


Winter Show at the Bathhouse Cultural Center, Dallas, TX 2008


TVAA Citation Juried National Show, Plano, TX 2008


Oldfield Davis Gallery Group Show, Dallas, TX 2008


Arthouse at the Jones Center, 5×7 Show, Austin 2008


AllSo Gallery, Group Show, Dallas, TX 2007


The Arthouse, five x seven, Group Art Splurge & Exhibition, Austin, TX   2007


Goodrich Gallery, Drama in Black and White Exhibit, Dallas, TX 2007


Dunn and Brown Contemportary, 5 x 7 On the Road Dallas, TX 2006


Arthouse, 5 x 7 Show Austin, TX 2006


AllSo Gallery, Group Show Dallas, TX 2006


AllSo Gallery, Group Show Dallas, TX 2005


Read Johnson Contemporary Gallery, Solo Show Santa Fe, NM 2005


The Contemporary, Group Show Dallas, TX 2002, 2003, 2004


Dallas Visual Art Center, Group Show Dallas, TX 1998, 1999, 2000


Arlington Museum of Art, Group Show Arlington, TX 1999, 2000


Dallas Museum of Art, Beaux Arts Show Dallas, TX 1998






University of Texas Bachelor of Arts 1963


Southern Methodist University, J.D. 1975


Napoule Art Foundation, Cannes, France 1995


Design Study – John Brookes, Instructor – Sussex, England 1996


Institute for American Universities, Marchutz School of Arts 2000


Alan Roberts, Instructor – Aix en Provence, France


Centre de Formations a la Peinture, Moulin de Perrot 2001, 2002, 2006, 2009, 2011


Anne Cleac’h, Jerome Tisserand, Pierre-Henry, and Thibaut de Reimpre, Instructors - 

Gilhac et Bruzac, France


Brookhaven Community College – Chung Chu, Instructor 2002


The Painting Experience – Molokai, Hawaii  2007, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014


Master’s Workshop w/ Robert Burridge 2009

Arroyo Grande, California